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Termination and Adoption

A suit for adoption can be filed after or concurrently with a suit to terminate the parental rights of one or both of a child's biological parent.  Often a parent may recognize that they are unable to raise their child and will elect to voluntarily terminate their rights.  In other cases, neglect, abuse, addiction, or some other impairment may require a party to seek involuntary termination.  Whether voluntary or involuntary, a court must find by clear and convincing evidence that termination is in the best interest of the child.

The Process

The first step is consulting with a knowledgeable attorney, who can evaluate your case and advise you of your options.  Sarah Anne enjoys handling adoptions, and always looks forward to helping children find stability in a forever family.

An attorney can prepare and file a petition for adoption on your behalf.  Once this petition has been filed, a pre-adoption study will be conducted to evaluate the home environment.  The study will include interviews with the prospective adoptive parents, a criminal background check, and visits to the home.  Once the evaluation is completed, a formal report will be submitted to the court, which will include a recommendation.

Step-Parent Adoption

When a spouse has filled the shoes of an absent parent, adoption can formalize the operative parent-child relationship that develops.  These are often joyous occassions for families and attorneys alike.  

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