Mediation in San Antonio and surrounding areas


"I am committed to helping parties to a suit reach a successful settlement."

Sarah Anne sincerely believes that alternate dispute resolution, such as mediation, is the best way to handle a family law matter in most cases.  Mediation is an informal process, where a neutral person helps the parties broker a settlement.  In many cases, the parties themselves are able to create an order that addresses their unique circumstances with more care and detail than a judge could ever provide.  

Sarah Anne has represented countless clients in the mediation process, and is well-versed in effective negotiation strategies for family law matters.  One of the most rewarding aspects of her job is helping families find closure and peace of mind with a well-crafted settlement.

In addition, Sarah Anne herself is credentialed to act as a mediator, and helps litigants in family law matters reach a mutually agreeable settlement. Sarah Anne conducts mediations for family law cases in San Antonio, Boerne,  Kerrville, Fredericksburg, and the surrounding areas.   If you have been ordered to mediate or would like to participate in the mediation process to attempt to bring your case to an end, call Sarah Anne.  She even offers weekend mediation sessions to accommodate parties with busy work schedules, so just ask!

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