Divorce in san antonio and surrounding areas


"The decision to end your marriage can be one of the most difficult choices you will ever make."

Whether you've already decided divorce is necessary or are still contemplating whether it's time to end your marriage, Sarah Anne is ready to inform you of the legal process, your options, and your rights.  The first step in the divorce process is consulting with a knowledgeable attorney who can evaluate your case and develop a strategy tailored to your unique issues and concerns.  

At the first meeting with Sarah Anne, she will determine what your goals are for your estate and for your children, if you have any.  

While it is normal to be emotional when discussing divorce, you will get the most value out of your time with Sarah Anne if you are prepared to answer the following questions with specific information:

  • What are your most immediate concerns for your property?  Despite the fact that a divorce is underway, there are still bills that need to be paid timely and property that must be maintained.  Being able to discuss in detail all of your household expenses, as well as each source of income, will greatly assist Sarah Anne in protecting your estate.  Through a formal agreement or temporary orders, Sarah Anne can address these pressing issues.  Examples of some common issues in a divorce are:

  • Does one spouse need to move out of the marital residence?  If so, what property can they take with them?
  • How will the mortgage, utilities, and other shared bills get paid while the divorce is pending?
  • Where are your paychecks deposited, and who has access to those accounts?
  • What should happen to funds in your joint bank accounts?
  • What do you consider reasonable spending during the divorce proceeding?
  • Do you have any large expenses that need to be addressed while the divorce is still pending?

  • What is in the community estate, and how do you believe it should be divided?  Sarah Anne has ample experience with estates both large and modest.  While you may not get into extensive detail in the initial consultation, it is helpful to inform Sarah Anne of the general extent of your community and separate estates, as well as any special concerns you have.  Some examples include:

  • Are you worried your spouse is hiding money or other assets?
  • Will you need financial support after the divorce is final?
  • Did you or your spouse own property before your marriage?
  • Did you or your spouse inherit property during the marriage?
  • Did you purchase property with separate funds during the marriage?
  • Are there any items of sentimental value that you'd especially like to be awarded to you?

  • What are your most immediate concerns for your children?  Sadly, children are all too often the victims of abuse or neglect.  Sometimes a parent or care-giver is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, which poses a myriad of risks to children.  In many cases, parental conflict is adversely affecting the children and must be addressed through counseling or other therapies.  If a child is in immediate physical or emotional danger, a court can intervene to protect them.  Sarah Anne has experience seeking emergency orders to protect children who are at risk.

  • What are your ultimate goals for your children?  These are things like where you believe it is best for your children to live and attend school, what kind of possession schedule you believe is appropriate, and how your children should be supported financially.  Be sure to inform Sarah Anne of any special issues that may apply to your case.  Examples include:

  • Your children have not lived in Texas for the past six months
  • You and/or your spouse are members of the military subject to PCS or deployment
  • You and the other parent reside in different cities, states, or countries
  • Your child has special needs requiring long-term care

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